Prayer Items

-Our Apache brothers and sisters are making wonderful progress recording the Apache New Testament. John, Romans, Philemon, I, II, III John, and Jude are now being distributed in the Apache communities.

We returned from a week of ministry in New Mexico. We recorded Pastor Sarracino in the Laguna community sharing his testimony and biblical teaching geared to his Pueblo people. We were also able to do a direct mail to 3,284 homes in seven Pueblos. Several more Navajo believers in Albuquerque and we are now editing the material onto DVD. We look forward to seeing it utilized in outreach especially among the 19 Pueblos in New Mexico that are very closed to the Gospel. We also assisted native believers with a booth at the Gathering of Nations festival. 150,000 people attend this event representing 700 native tribes from across America, South America, and Canada. We were able to take several thousand tracts, cards, Native Voices DVD's and audio CDs of Gospel of John in 8 native languages. Please pray!

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